OTEC has delivered thousands of deburring and polishing solutions worldwide. From simple bench top disc systems like the ECO Series to mid-size disc and drag systems like the CF and DF Series to semi-automatic and fully automated SF Series, we have the answer to your deburring problems. It makes no difference what material your part is made of, i.e. gold, silver, titanium, platinum, stainless steel, carbide, aluminum, plastic, rubber, etc., nor does it matter whether it is cast, machined, stamped, fineblanked, or sintered, OTEC most likely can develop a process and system for your application.

The examples displayed on the following pages demonstrate only a small portion of our total capabilities and experience. OTEC is constantly striving to develop innovative and technically advanced solutions in the area of machine design and media formulations to ensure that we can deliver the most economical and cost effective system to our customers.