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OTEC’s Newest Stream Finishing Machine

OTEC is expanding its SF Series of stream finishing machines, with the addition of the SF-HP model, designed to accommodate larger and heavier workpieces. With its modern and compact design, the SF-HP was developed to round edges, polish, smooth and deburr large workpieces. This innovative machine can be used for applications across a variety of industries including aviation, machinery construction, forming tools, the energy, oil and gas industry, shipbuilding as well as the food industry.

Repeatable high-quality surfaces are guaranteed thanks to OTEC’s proven Streamfinish technology. Our unique, patented pulse finishing process is also integrated in the new SF-HP. Economical processing of large and heavy workpieces is now a reality. 

The new machine can process workpieces that are up to 650mm (25.5906 inches) in diameter and/or length and 200kg (440.925 lbs) in weight. Other features include a simple and intuitive user interface. Additionally, a variety of axis settings for the process head and spindle make almost any flow-through process media of the workpiece surface possible.

Some of the benefits of OTEC’s SF series stream finishing machines include: 

  • High efficiency and short processing times
  • A range of processing options depending on the requirements, including smoothing, high-gloss polishing, edge rounding and deburring.
  • User friendly operation through a multi-touch color display screen
  • Ergonomic machining of large and heavy workpieces through integrated automatic loading. 
  • Simple container changing enables multi step processes using different media. 
  • Improved tribological surface properties, which provide reduced friction and abrasion.
  • The highest surface qualities down to the smallest geometry. 

To see if OTEC’s new SF-HP stream finishing machine is right for you, please submit a sample processing request and we can develop a process specifically designed for your workpieces and applications.